Special Conditions

Through our involvement in so many property transactions, we have found that our clients’ needs have been well protected with the inclusion of one or more of these clauses. Are there any that are applicable to your needs?

To view, click on the clause title that describes your situation for the relevant text to be displayed.


  1. Commission Clause Where Deposit is Less Than Commission
  2. Subject to Satisfactory Building Report
  3. Subject to Completion of Sale of Buyers Property (where the Buyer has already entered a contract)
  4. Subject to Completion of Sale of Buyers Property (where the Buyer has yet to enter into a contract)
  5. Payment of Deposit
  6. Deposit is in the Form of Bank Guarantee/Deposit Bond
  7. Investment in the Deposit
  8. Early Release of Deposit to Seller (commission retained)
  9. Subject to Termination of Existing Sale Contract
  10. Subject to Registration of Title in Sellers Name
  11. Simultaneous Completion of Another Contract by the Buyer (e.g. neighbouring land)
  12. Simultaneous Completion of Another Contract Between Seller and Buyer (eg. Swap of properties)
  13. Subject to Engineers / Pest Controllers Report
  14. Subject to F.I.R.B Approval
  15. Subject to Body Corporate Record Search
  16. Subject to Body Corporate Information Being Supplied (used when immediate access to information is not possible)
  17. Pool Fencing (the Buyers obligation)
  18. Pool Fencing (the Sellers responsibility)
  19. Faxed Contracts
  20. Disclosure of Non Approved Building works (eg Pergola)
  21. Seller Finance
  22. Real Estate Agent or Relative Purchasing the Property Consent by Principal
  23. Real Estate Agent Selling Property Notice to Buyer of Beneficial Interest
  24. Builder to Complete Dwelling
  25. Spec House on Builders Terms OR On sale of Unit Purchased Off-the-Plan
  26. Early Possession
  27. Rent Back to Seller
  28. Compliance with Requisition (e.g. Sale of Flats)
  29. Subdivision of Land Where Plan Sealed by Council
  30. Sunset Clause/48 Hour Clause Option 1
  31. Building Covenants
  32. Property at Sellers Risk until Settlement Date