Special Condition 29

29. Subdivision of Land Where Plan Sealed by Council

(a) This Contract is subject to and conditional upon the registration of the Plan of Subdivision approved by the xxxx (city council), which Plan duly sealed by the xxxx (city council) is annexed to this Contract and marked with the letter ‘A’.
(b) The Seller shall forthwith lodge the Plan for registration at Department of Lands.
(c) The Seller shall pay all the costs and expenses arising out of the preparation, approval and registration of the Plan of Subdivision and the Seller shall sign all consents and other documents required to expedite such registration.
(d) The Seller shall forthwith do all things reasonably necessary and use his best endeavours to procure the registration of the Plan of Subdivision with xxxx (xxxx) days from the date hereof.
(e) Should the Plan of Subdivision not be registered, within xxxx (xxxx) days (same as d), then this Contract may be terminated by either party by notice in writing to the other whereupon the deposit and other moneys paid hereunder shall be refunded to the Buyer.


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