Fixed Price Conveyancing | How much does Conveyancing cost?

Buying a house, unit or land in Brisbane or the greater Queensland area? River City Conveyancing offers a fixed price of $1200 (including GST) plus additional conveyancing search costs. Read about our standard search package if you want to know more about how much your conveyancing costs for purchasing property here: Conveyancing Fees for Buyers 

What does conveyancing cost in Queensland when you're selling your house or land? Our fair lowest price conveyancing fee for Seller is fixed at $880 (including GST). Read more about the costs involved with Selling property in Australia here: Conveyancing Costs for Sellers and for information regarding Transfer duty find our Stamp Duty Calculator.

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Low Price Fixed Fee Quotes | Conveyancing Fees Calculator 

To calculate conveyancing costs in Queensland the price is divided into two parts:

1. the professional service or legal fees which is the amount that the conveyancer or solicitor charges for providing their legal expertise and completing your conveyance. 

2. the disbursements. These conveyancing outlays are made by the conveyancing solicitor on behalf of the buyer or seller to obtain relevant information about the property or additional costs associated with the conveyancing process.

There is a difference in fixed fees between when you're Buying or Selling property as there are conveyancing costs that apply only to Buyers and generally less disbursements to be made by Sellers. 

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