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Queensland Stamp Duty Calculator

The Queensland Government collect Transfer Duty, also know as “Stamp Duty” on most property transactions in this state. It is collected by the Office of State Revenue. The purchaser is responsible for the payment of this duty. Purchasers may be eligible for just one of a number of concessions depending a number of factors. Factors affecting concessions including whether you are purchasing your first house or land, whether you will live at the property, your age and nature of other people purchasing with you. There are other factors.

For the best guidance on your eligibility for a concession at this point, you can use the “tester” at the Queensland Office of State Revenue web site to determine which, if any of the concessions apply to you. It is a guide only and does not replace the formal assessment by a professional to determine your exact stamp duty obligation.

Once you have guidance if any concession applies to your property purchase, you can use our calculator to forecast the amount of Stamp Duty payable.

For an estimate of the Transfer Duty on your property purchase, complete the form below and submit. An exact calculation of the Transfer Duty will be calculated during the conveyancing process