John Horrocks

Brisbane Conveyancing Solicitor Interview

1. How did you come to become interested in conveyancing as your main line of legal practice

I recognised that there was room in the market to provide a very good service for a price that was competitive compared to what other Solicitors where charging at the time. I believe that the public consider that the conveyancing procedure is straight forward and the decision they need to make is how much they are prepared to pay for that service.

I believe that I could offer a very professional service for a reasonable price.

I believe the secret to providing the service was to being proactive with communicating with clients. Keep the clients in the loop.

2. How have you become involved in Conveyancing Works?

I was running a successful conveyancing practise and saw the opportunity to take it to the next level. With Conveyancing Works I was lucky that I had a person who gave advice that was very knowledgeable about marketing and formulating plans with advertising which proved to be very successful.

3. Why do you now operate River City Conveyancing?

The opportunity to sell Conveyancing Works arose and I opted to return to the boutique sized conveyancing business. River City Conveyancing is the avenue via which I continue to see that clients receive high value for money and excellent service.

4. Are you really Queensland’s most experienced conveyancing solicitor?

I don't know about being the most experienced, however I don't think there would be too many other solicitors, if any, that have completed more conveyancing transactions than me. Horrocks solicitors started in 1996. Combine that with the number of clients through Conveyancing Works and now River City Conveyancing I have overseen more than 75000 transactions.

5. What is the future for the conveyancing business in Queensland?

Population growth, changes in town plan and a trend toward apartment living will generate more property transactions than experienced in the past. Predictions for Queensland's population is that it will surpass 7 million by 2036. That means more properties and more conveyancing transactions.

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