Property Buying FAQ

Residential Property Purchase Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the search fees different in different parts of Queensland?

As the local government authorities have different fees for their searches and supplying of plans, our package of search will vary from locality to locality.

What searches are included in our conveyancing?
For residential home, unit or land purchases, we carry out the following property searches required to reasonably secure your purchase.

Standard Search Package:

  1. Title Search upon receiving contract and Title Search upon the day of settlement.
  2. Local Authority Search which reveals information about the rates and any problems that the local authority has with the property.
  3. Main Roads Search
  4. Land Tax Clearance Search
  5. Registered Plan of Land
  6. Body Corporate Information Certificate (where applicable)

Should you have concerns about a specific aspect of your property, then there are a range of other searches to provide additional piece of mind, including:

  1. Contaminated Land
  2. Railways
  3. Bankruptcy


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