Conveyancers Help: Are you in need of a building report?

Having the correct conveyancing clauses is an important part of protecting rights whether you are buyer or seller of a property in Queensland. Some of the most frequent questions we have related to conveyancing transactions regards the building and pest report.

River City Conveyancing can answer all your home buying questions to ensure the easy and stress free conveyancing process from drafting a contract, signing with the Seller and settlement day requirements. Don't hesitate to talk to Queensland's top conveyancing team today if you've begun the process of buying a property in Queensland, Australia. 

Read our River City Conveyancing Homebuyers Guide: Why you need a Building and Pest Inspection Clause? to learn the in's and out of purchasing a home in Queensland. 

Is a Building Report necessary or compulsory for a conveyancing transaction in Queensland? 

Building and Pest Inspection & Clause. When you buy property in Queensland, it is the obligation of the buyer to organise a building and pest inspection before the sale goes through.

What is the cost of a building and pest inspection in Brisbane, Queensland?

The cost typically ranges from $300 to $600.

How much does a Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection cost for Brisbane and Queensland?

The cost varies based on the type of home, but a Brisbane building and pest inspection usually falls within the range of $300 to $600 for a comprehensive examination covering both the building and timber pests (termites). For an average home, you can expect a typical price of approximately $475.

Free Conveyancing Contract 'Subject to Satisfactory Building Report Clause' Queensland Conveyancers

If you're buying a home in Queensland you can include a standard building report clause such as the one supplied on our Special Condition 2 web page.

This and other standard clauses are there as a free conveyancing resource for your property sale or purchase contract.

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