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Conveyancing Queensland- Residential Property Purchases

When buying property in Queensland, it is essential that everything goes smoothly with the transfer to your name. This detailed and exacting process is called “Conveyancing”. Our depth of legal and conveyancing experience combined has helped many thousands of people across Brisbane and Queensland complete their property purchase with ease.

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We offer fixed price Brisbane conveyancing and offer to put your mind at ease by completing our property purchase enquiry form to commit to the price and answer any questions you have right now.

Fixed price residential conveyancing

Buying $950
(inclusive of GST)
(excluding searches)

Selling $590
(inclusive of GST)
(all inclusive)

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Contract review

Do you need help writing or checking a contract? We check standard residential contracts. Our experts will go over them line by line and tell you any changes you need to make.

Email your contract to along with your contact number and we'll call you back.

What searches are included for house and land purchases?

For residential home or land purchases, we carry out the following property searches required to reasonably secure your purchase.
Standard Search Package:

  1. Title Search upon receipt of the contract
  2. Council Rates Search which reveals information about the state of the rate account.
  3. Special water meter reading to ensure you are not charged for the sellers water consumption.
  4. Main Roads Search
  5. Land Tax Clearance Search
  6. Registered Plan of Land
  7. Title Search on the day of settlement.

What searches are included for purchases of units, townhouses, and dwellings with a body corporate?

In addition to the searches list above for house and land, we also need to acquire:

  1. Body Corporate Information Certificate which reveals the state of the body coporate levies

More Information

Is there anything else?

Regional settlements…
We can assist with conveyancing purchases all across Queensland. If the settlement of the contract is due to occur outside of Brisbane we may need to engage a settlement agent to attend on our behalf. Contact us now to discuss how you can avoid this and any additional charges.

Some lenders …
Some Lenders require a settlement notice to be lodged with the Department of Natural Resources. Our fee for this service is $50. ING, National Bank, Bendigo Bank, HSBC, RAMS, Heritage Building Society, Bank West are examples of lenders that require this.

For Units…
Your lender may require a certificate of currency to ensure that the entire property is insured

Should you have concerns about a specific aspect of your property, then there are a range of other searches to provide additional piece of mind, including:

  1. Contaminated Land
  2. Railways
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. Local council approval searches and certificates
  5. Body Corporate inspection of records

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