Stamp Duty Qld : How to Calculate Transfer Duty on Multiple Transactions

How much is Stamp Duty In Brisbane?

Combining Dutiable Transactions

The transfer duty on multiple dutiable transactions must be added together and treated as a single transaction. These transactions can only be combined however when they are ‘related’ - meaning they form one arrangement or are ‘aggregated’ based on certain factors.

Aggregation of dutiable transactions is compulsory under section 30 of the Duties Act 2001.

When adding transactions the transfer duty is calculated on the total consideration or value and not each dutiable transaction separately. During the lodgement of the documents for assessment of the stamp duty all parties must state the following information:

Their knowledge of:

  • all the dutiable transactions and property included in the arrangement
  • the dutiable value of each dutiable transaction.

The factors which determine whether transactions can be aggregated are:

  • Are they contained in one instrument (e.g. an agreement or a transfer)
  • Are any of the transactions conditional on entry into, or completion of, any of the other transactions
  • whether the parties to any of the transactions are the same or are related
    the timeframe over which the transactions take place
  • whether, before the transactions take place, the dutiable properties were used together or dependently by the transferor(s)
  • whether, after the transactions take place, the dutiable properties are used together or dependently by the transferee(s).

When transactions are aggregated it is important to anticipate that the duty payable may end up higher than when each transaction is calculated separately and added together.

Transfer Duty Calculator

Calculating Combined Stamp Duty in Queensland

To calculate the transfer duty payable on related transactions the transfer duty rate must be applied to the total value of all aggregated transactions.

As the duty rate is worked out on sliding scale whereby more duty is payable as the value of the property increases the resulting duty on aggregated transactions is likely to be higher.

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Queensland Transfer Duty Calculator

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