Finance FAQs & Conveyancing

Finance Timeline FAQs for Conveyancing when Buying a House or Land in Queensland

When are Conveyancing fees payable in Queensland?

Conveyancing fees are not required to be paid in advance. Payment for the services provided by River City Conveyancing is made through a deduction at settlement. There are no upfront or advance fees necessary.

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What is the typical timeframe for purchasing a house in Queensland?

The Conveyancing process commences upon the signing of the contract and generally takes between 30 to 90 days. On settlement the title is transferred, keys are handed over, and you gain possession of the property.

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Can a house be purchased with cash in Australia?

Acquiring a house with cash is indeed an option. Approximately one-third of Australians own their homes without any debt, and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), one in five households own multiple properties. (Date: 27th January 2023)

What constitutes a cash offer on a house in Australia?

A cash offer refers to an offer made without any finance-related conditions. It signifies that the buyer either possesses the funds or will certainly possess the funds to cover the entire purchase price, along with the stamp duty, upon settlement.

What is the distinction between the initial deposit and balance deposit in Queensland?

Initial deposit: This is the amount payable once the contract is accepted by both parties on an agreed date.

Balance deposit: This is the amount payable once the contract becomes unconditional subject to what the contract provides.

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What is the standard deposit amount in Queensland?

The standard deposit amount typically ranges between 2.5% to 10% of the purchase price. Initially, a small deposit is made upfront (approximately 0.25% of the purchase price), and the remaining balance of the deposit is paid when the contract becomes unconditional. However there are no rules and it is the amount that is negotiated between the parties, not greater than 10% and what the Buyer can afford with his own funds. 

How can I submit an offer on a house in Queensland?

To submit an offer on a house, you need to communicate with the real estate agent and inquire about their preferred method for receiving offers. Common approaches include:
Providing a written offer via email.
Making a verbal offer over the phone.
Completing a form.
Submitting an 'expression of interest.' or Completing the 'contract of sale.'

If you sign a contract be careful because if the Seller accepts your offer by signing the contract you will be bound by the terms of the contract.

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Is it possible to withdraw an offer on a house in Queensland?

Please note that once the contract of offer is signed, there is a limited window of opportunity to change your decision. This period, known as the cooling-off period, spans five business days. During this time, you can opt to withdraw from the deal; however, a fee of 0.25% of the purchase price may be applicable.

However be careful because cooling off periods do not apply to auction contracts or may be waived in any contract you sign. 

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Is stamp duty less expensive in Queensland?

While Queensland generally imposes lower stamp duty rates compared to other states, it does not offer additional concessions for pensioners. Furthermore, foreign buyers are subject to significantly higher stamp duty charges.

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Finance FAQs & Conveyancing.

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